Last week I read这个and then这个and then这个and then这个with great interest. It echoed much of my own experience when I get offline — most notably我休假期间,去年夏天, when I completely deleted social media apps from my phone and went digitally off the grid.

I slept better, I was in a better mood, I felt less stressed, time moved slower, and I was more engaged and present in the physical world around me. I read 11 books in one month. I noticed smells, tastes, sounds, and sights with more astonishment. It sounds hyperbolic, but it’s true:the world was more lovely

Since then, I’ve still largely kept my distance from posting on social media, preferring to primarily channel my creative efforts to书籍和缝隙(和其每周免费同伴信,5 Quick Things), 其次是在好名单。但我还是不时弹出上到Twitter和Instagram时间,一周一次,也许对一些Facebook的群组(自11月中旬到2016年,当我装的是我还没有看到我的主要饲料Facebook的饲料根除扩展我的在线体验产生十倍的净正)。

少数的那些书,我在我的休假是阅读10个参数进行删除社交媒体帐户现在,How To Do Nothing,科技明智的家庭燃尽, already having loved the booksDeep WorkandDigital Minimalism


I set up healthy boundaries: Twitter only on my laptop and not the phone app; Instagram once a week, by downloading the app and posting, scrolling for a few minutes, then deleting the app again until next week. All these things were healthy for me, and I was still able to work well via the internet.

I kept my social media accounts for one reason:。Community. Connection. It’s not an exaggeration to say some of my best friends have been birthed from the internet, and they’ve become friends IRL. We travel together. We visit each other’s homes. Our kids are friends. And yet we often live on the other side of the globe, so we use the internet to stay connected as best we can.

Yet这里Mika的话have burrowed their way into my mind, and I can’t stop thinking about them:



I don’t think we were really made to be connected to our phones like this. I don’t think we were made to get updates about the people in our lives through an app. I don’t think we were made to receive hundreds and hundreds of DMs a day – and be expected to respond back. I don’t think we were made to “like” and comment silently behind a screen. I don’t think we were made to scroll other people’s lives sitting in our cars and while waiting in line. I don’t think we were made to capture our lives in captions (even though I love a clever caption.) I don’t think we were made to get so much information coming at us at an incredible volume.

This is the rub for me. Social media has done a world of good — think global movements, relationships, learning from other people. But in its very infrastructure, it just doesn’t seem …。As things应该是。

I don’t have a clear answer for this. This post isn’t wrapped up in a pretty bow. This is simply what I’m sitting with these days.

I’m so grateful for what social media’s taught me — I hear from people I wouldn’t otherwise hear from in my physical world, my political views have shifted, my theological convictions have changed, my reading life is so much broader.

但是…滚动,滚动,滚动。像,像,像。双击,转推,线程,共享上的故事。Is this how we’re meant to interact as a community? Is this what it means to be neighbors? Are these platforms making us more fully human, more fully who we’re meant to be?

I’d argue no.

我不知道这个地方让我,比我其他的是播客,博客,通讯和其他形式的数字创意的感谢。威廉希尔体育app官网“Social media” is not synonymous with “internet.”It always strikes me as strange how often people equate Instagram with The Internet, as though that’s its central hub. “My feed” is shorthand for “my Instagram feed.” There’s more,所以更多的互联网比愚蠢的小,安全感觉的Instagram的。

I may leave there eventually, like Mika, but for now, I’ll keep my feed there and continue to post infrequently. I’ll keep Twitter, my preferred platform, so that I don’t bury my head in the sand in an echo chamber of only like-minded voices. But I’ll go back to laptop-only, and it’ll be with an intentional visit, not a mindless scroll.


Right now, during a pandemic, I’m grateful for this partial solution. But that’s all it is — it’s apartial所以lution. It’s not a good, true, nor beautiful default,primarymethod of connection. And sadly, that’s what I sense it’s become in our culture.

No pretty bow to end things with here. Just sharing my thoughts.




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  2. 克里斯蒂娜·贝利

    Sigh. I’ve been thinking about this incessantly since I read her post as well – and let’s be honest, I’ve wrestled with it a lot before then too. As a first-time author I’m not sure how to balance this well yet. But I kind of miss the days when Instagram was just me sharing pics of my toddlers with close friends.

    • TSH Oxenreider


  3. 艾梅

    我读过米卡的文章,它把话说the thoughts and feelings I’ve had about the role of social media in our lives. I admire her for not allowing herself to stay beholden to it for the sake of her platform, and I was impressed by the supportive community she is surrounded by.
    未进行具体社交媒体,但是关于一般手William Hill体育机使用,今天早上我分享了几次我们从白天把我们的电话了,我们的关系和生产力的缘故获益。http://www.whispersofworth.com/focus/relationships/ditch-your-phone

  4. KC

    Have you read “Re-Engineering Humanity”? I’ve got it literally beside me, but I decided in March that the pandemic was adequate “Bad News That People Won’t Do Enough About Because Capitalism and Profits” without adding on confirmation of what I kind of already know about yet *another* thing deeply wrong with our society that people won’t listen to. Note: 1. I haven’t read it yet (I was planning to do so before recommending it to anyone!) and 2. it’s just straight reading, not pop-sci-lite (even though it has endnotes instead of footnotes) – but you might find it interesting anyway, and worth the mental workout.

    I do think that online resources are an incredible boon to many, many people – but there are… a lot… of problems with the way things have dug into our lives and society, and very few people have found Middle Ways that still fulfill the “knowing when your high school friends who you still have affection for are having babies” function while avoiding the full firehose of information – and I’d like to hear from anyone who has! (including those who, like you, delimit social media use to a specific device or specific time in the week)

    • TSH Oxenreider

      “Very few people have found Middle Ways …while avoiding the full firehose of information.”

      So very well said, KC; you’ve articulatedmuch我的感觉也是如此。我没有听说过这本书的,但我会考虑的!感谢分享。

  5. 安德里亚Debbink

    TSH,这是你最近写的我最喜欢的事情之一。(And I like everything you write!) I’m with Christine, trying to figure out how to use social media as a newish author yet not liking the effects it has on my life or my creative work—plus I don’t really want to connect with potential readers that way. I’d rather people just read the books I write than have to show them where I vacation or what I had for breakfast! Thank you for reminding us that this is a part of our lives that’s worth examining and changing.

    • TSH Oxenreider

      Oh, I’d所以rather that, too! And as an author, lately I’ve been rather skeptical of how important it is for我们作为作者是在社交媒体很多,对我们只是做在我们面前写的好工作。我确实看到读者分享他们喜欢的书的价值,但我不知道读者需要确信一本书是值得的时间多少了作者的自我提升自己的饲料。你懂?这很棘手。

      我作为一名热心的读者self, I like it when I find out an author I love isn’t even on social media at all, or when I click on their feed and see real-life photos of kids and dogs and travel, or insightful thoughts on Twitter without a constant deluge of overshare.

  6. 伊娃

    我读的是最后5个快速事以后看米卡·佩里的文章。我现在已经关闭的Facebook和Instagram 2天。我来到这里的AOS思维的,所以我一点也不觉得奇怪,你写的吧...谢谢你为这个职位了。William Hill体育我会尽量找到平衡......这不是一件容易的事!

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  8. Beth

    Good thoughts. I closed my facebook account years ago when we moved to a country where it was blocked. We’ve been back in the States for a while now but I’ve decided not to reopen an account. Or any other social media account with the exception of the messaging app that’s popular in the country we lived in and a Slack group with just my immediate family. Only my siblings are interested in what I fixed for dinner (because we swap ideas). Only my family needs to see pictures of my kids. I just don’t have the mental space and I don’t care what others are eating for dinner or the 100th cute thing their kid did today.
    My weakness is the news. It’s easy for me to get caught up in reading way too much “news.” I recently disabled the internet browser on my phone. I’m still going through withdrawal (checking the weather constantly) but I’m glad I removed it.
    即使你小心消耗的技术含量和质量,“好”的只是存William Hill体育在可能是有害的。

  9. 西莱斯特·奥尔

    I totally agree. As a new writer I’ve been wondering where the line should be for me, and this month while I took time away from every social media related, I think I found it. I don’t think I can be a creative and consume social media all day every day. I choose to be the creative. I hope so many more people will too. We need the beauty that gets created offline.




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