10年前我写了一封信给我,启发Tsh中的“Dear Me” lettersas part of The Art of Simple’s final year. Since 2010 is the year I became a mother for the first time, and my firstborn girl is about to turn 10 in a few weeks, it felt timely.

In the process of writing this, I realized how grateful I am that wedon’tget the gift of foresight—we don’t know what’s going to happen over the next day, year, or decade. Because if we did, we’d probably do whatever we could to avoid pain, struggle, and discomfort and thereby miss the absolute most meaningful moments, the ones that truly shape us.


I see you there sitting there on the yellow rug of the guest room-turned-nursery, folding teeny newborn onesies and cloth diapers. You’re preparing for your baby girl’s arrival in a few weeks. I know you’re excited—you’ve waited awhile for this! You’re probably uncertain if your body will ever be the same again, nervous about the birth, and a million other emotions.

I’ve now experienced 10 years of motherhood, and there are so many things I want to share with you from the other side of this decade. Here are just a few for now:


I know it’s been hard to see your body change so much and to hear ridiculous comments from others like, “Are you sure there aren’t twins in there?!” I know it’s been a long history of feeling insecure about not being “small enough,” and now you’re the biggest you’ve ever been. But here’s a little spoiler…that body you criticized, tried to shrink for years?

Well, it’s going to do a miraculous thing: it’s going to birth a human. Twice.

You’re about to gain some scars that won’t ever go away. There will be more stretch marks. There will be cellulite. But years from now, you’ll realize your size has zero to do with who you are, and you’ll make peace with your body the way it is. Your daughter will say, “Mama, I love your wrinkles. They feel good when I run my fingers over them,” and “I love laying my head on your squishy tummy.” And it won’t hurt. Instead, you’ll be proud of it. So proud.




你准备自然分娩,你有你的到位的计划。在几个星期后,当你在全食的身体护理过道劳动的时候,记住所有的人告诉你:“创建你的生育计划,但只是准备轻轻握住它,”(even though you kinda rolled your eyes when they said it).


You’ll do what you think you need to be brave, to endure 36 hours of labor without progressing far enough. The pain will strip you and cleanse you, forcing out any unsurfaced fears. You’ll finally say “I NEED HELP NOW” and realize that those were the actual bravest words you could say.

然后,这么多小时的努力后,你的第一个孩子,你的第一个女儿,会从你的身体删除8 minutes进入手术室后。You might be shaking from the anesthesia, but try to soak in everything you can in that moment—the robust cry under the fluorescent lights, her arms waving wildly, Asian eyes from her daddy, and big, wide mouth that looks exactly like your daddy’s.


That feeling won’t go away, friend. It’ll just expand and morph and change over the years as your girl starts crawling, toddling, running, and now at almost 10, becoming her own independent person. And we’re not even to the teen years yet!





There’s going to be an uprooting. I know you can’t even imagine this being possible, but you’ll leave this house 5 years from now and with it, the echoes of toddler feet running down the wooden floors of the hallway.


Yeah, you love buying food from local farms right now, but be a farmer yourself? Crazy, right? I’ll just tell you this—there will be blunders. There will be big mistakes and moments where you feel like you’re falling apart. You’ll miss sidewalks and having friends within walking distance. But you’ll find your strength in new ways. You’ll gain a sky above your house that’s an actual planetarium. A connection to the land that is palpable. Plenty of space for people to come and slow down and connect over farm-fresh meals or a campfire. That girl in your belly right now will one day help you plant wildflowers and ask you to lie on the earth among the corn rows with her at golden hour.


你会接受在家教育。在教学你克irls with everything you have, you’ll find that most of what they really need to know is not from textbooks or worksheets.

你纸板书将是深受喜爱和陈腐。您知道它之前,你会读The Chronicles of Narniato them at bedtime until your voice goes hoarse. You’ll find your oldest girl reading by flashlight and outside in the yard and inside under a blanket and basically anytime she can get in a few more words.



所有这些你已经在过去的10年里保持您在半夜担心的事情?William Hill体育他们中的99.9%,从未发生过。而那些没有?神是信实的。上帝与你的家人,只是如许。


哦,还有一两件事 - 守博客,妹妹。Keep using those gifts and words, and somewhere in between the finger puppets, rubber duckies wearing bowties, and the California Baby shampoo, you’ll figure out how to still make time for yourself with a hot bath, your journal, and a glass of wine. Because 10 years later, you’ll be writing an实际的,真正的本书,你会很高兴你所做的选择,让您的创造性的一面活着。


You in 2020




  1. TSH Oxenreider

    Oh my goodness, this was lovely and SO well-written, Christine! I love this: “You’ll finally say ‘I NEED HELP NOW’ and realize that those were the actual bravest words you could say.” Yes, ma’am.

    • Christine Bailey

      Thanks friend!


    Love this so much – all of it, but especially the perspective on birth “plans” going out the window, as I’m weeks away from my second C section for a second breech babe… but realizing 10 years from now (really, 10 weeks from now!) the gift of the new little one is the same regardless of how he arrives! Thank you!

    • Christine Bailey


  3. Kelsey Gibson




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