A Day in the Life (in the Time of the Coronavirus)

大多数人都知道我在这里为Tsh中的助手。我已经写了偶尔essayfor The Art of Simple, but mostly I’m her behind-the-scenes advocate (and friend!) When this assignment to writeA Day in the Life (in the Time of the Coronavirus)was given to her writing team, I just picked a random day a few weeks ahead on the calendar, not really knowing what was going to happen that day. But really, do any of us know what’s going to happen from day to day these days? Events sometimes change by the hour.


To give you some context, I work from home in Lemont, Illinois as Tsh’s assistant (as well as a few other virtual assistant opportunities). I’m married to Greg and we have four kids, all who are currently teenagers.

Greg is considered an essential worker as a commodities broker at the Chicago Board of Trade and goes to work Monday through Friday, like before. His day-to-day life didn’t change that much, except for maybe his workload. The rest of us have had to make some adjustments, and for the most part, I think we are doing okay.

4:10时三十分。- 我醒来之前,我报警,那感觉就像我已经睡了只有几分钟。另一种不安的夜晚,这是正常的,这些天。

4:15- 我的Fitbit报警振动,提醒我把我的甲状腺药。格雷格起来并准备工作(通常没有报警,他已经成为多年来习惯了这种唤醒时间)。他的公司有一个A队和B队。B-队在家工作。A-团队在办公室工作。他是在A组。他的办公楼位于芝加哥市中心也有过他办公室的冠状病毒的5例确诊病例建设,在他的地板或办事处。

4:25– Greg gives me a kiss and then leaves for work. I stumble out of bed to use the bathroom, then lay back in bed for a few hours and fall in and out of sleep.

6:30– My iPhone alarm goes off. It’s the alarm I have set to wake up during the school year but I haven’t turned it off since the stay-at-home order started because it helps me distinguish the days and not think of these days as “vacation” or “summer break.” Some days are harder than others to get going. Today is one of those days. My body is fatigued and I’m experiencing some pain from my autoimmune disease.

7:00- 我起床,做一些伸展运动,洗我的脸,穿好衣服的一天。

7:15– I head downstairs and prepare my breakfast and (decaf) French press coffee. Breakfast is old-fashioned oats with almond butter and topped with fresh blueberries.

7:30– While I eat, Iand journal. I relish in the quiet. During the school year, the house is normally empty at this time (minus my college-age son who usually leaves at 8:45 for work) but with the stay-at-home order, all the kids are still asleep.

8:20– I quickly scroll through my email on my phone to see if there’s anything urgent for work and then since it’s a Monday, I write out my workweek calendar in my bullet journal.

8:30– Clean up my dishes and start a load of laundry. All of our kids do their own laundry, but today I see a pile of clothes on my daughter’s floor and toss them in with mine to make a full load.

9:00– I open my laptop, check my work email, Tsh’s calendar and email, and open up Slack. The tabs I keep open on my laptop during my work day: my personal email, work email, Google calendar & Drive, Slack, andTshOxenreider.com

9:11- 时间检查。我的房子还是一片静寂,除了洗衣机,这是一个问题。伊甸谷歌已经与她的三个七年级教师会见开始在数学,社会研究和咨询9:30。动机网上学校一直是我们很难。最初的几个星期,我们卖力的!但现在,我们进入了第38天,动机有所欠缺。击中打盹按钮或者甚至没有设置报警不幸成了习惯。

Last Friday, our governor announced that in-school learning would be cancelled for the rest of the school year. That means we have 5 more weeks of e-learning. These Google Meets aren’t mandatory but I’ve been encouraging my kids to attend them. The teachers miss them and they are working so hard, making time for them, etc.


9:50– I switch out the laundry and check in on Stone (high school freshman) who’s supposed to be up for a Google Meet. I change out of my sweatshirt into a short-sleeve shirt, it’s going to be 60 degrees today (or it’s just a hot flash)! That’s shorts weather for most of my kids. Hard to believe that three days ago we had three inches of snow on the ground.

10:15– Stone is awake and starting his e-learning. I make my mid-morning smoothie snack: frozen strawberries, frozen banana, a spoonful each of ground flaxseed, coconut oil and almond butter, and a scoop of巧克力蛋白粉与椰奶和一些冰块混合。

10:24- 我坐下来倒在我的电脑上回答几个新邮件和回复一些松弛的消息。

10:27– Tygar (high school senior) is awake and eats breakfast and starts his e-learning.

I should point out that our school districts have provided Chromebooks for their students, otherwise this e-learning would be challenging for us with having to share one computer for three students and my work.

10:50——我的Fitbit振动提醒但我移动’m trying to help Eden figure out something for one of her science assignments.

11:05– I put chicken breasts in the crock-pot and cover it with salsa for an easy dinner.

11:25– I go to the bathroom and decide after looking in the mirror that now was a good time for eyebrow maintenance. While I’m trimming and plucking, I hear some banging outside. Tygar is outside digging up a tree trunk. Apparently he only had a few e-learning assignments today so he decided to do yard work. My birthday was a few weeks ago, and for my birthday, the kids gave me a gift of spring cleaning our yard. Digging up that tree trunk was on Tygar’s to-do list.

11:36- 我回我的电脑。快速滚动通过Facebook,我看到一个朋友的母亲已经过去了并发症离开由于冠状病毒。在一个小本病毒汇的现实多一点。

11:38– Eden needed a break from her schoolwork so we play a game of塔克猫山羊奶酪比萨饼

12:01 p.m.– I walk outside to see how Tygar is doing with the yard work. He has started a fire in the fire pit with all the sticks they have cleaned up from the yard the past few days.

12:07- 石已完成电子学习的日子。艾登和石头是使他们的午餐。

12:21- 贡纳尔达(在大学二年级)。我们赶上昨晚他的转变,从工作。他的作品为一间餐厅,他们仍然提供外卖和交付。有时候,他提供了,但昨晚他工作的世博专线,在那里他安排食物进入外卖盒。

12:24– I text a friend to see if I have the correct address for mailing a card to my friend who’s mother passed away. I make the card from some blank stationary that I have on hand and use a printed photo from one of my Instagram pictures. I take my time to write the card. I cannot even imagine the grief she’s feeling.

12:40- 我把我的午餐是由吃剩的鸡和米饭,沙拉,和克莱门汀。我想在外面吃东西,但它是一个有点刮风达不到60度,但这样反而我坐在里面,看最新一集一些好消息

12:51– Stone wants to bake a cake. We have all the ingredients in the pantry from a previous grocery run.

12:53– Eden is in the yard now, spring cleaning the mulch beds.

1:10– I finish my lunch and clean up my dishes. Gunnar runs to the store for us to pick up some groceries.

1:30- 这是一天的时间在我的凌晨4点叫醒开始打我,我拿起一本书,并上楼休息,阅读了一下。我目前正在读The Dearly Belovedby Cara Wall.

2:02– Greg arrives home. He fills me in on (his exact words) “the craziest day of market in the history of markets.” Crude oil prices in the negatives! Crazy! (Here’san article在这里你可以阅读更多关于它)。William Hill体育从他的天解压几分钟后,他去外面检查残端去除过程,我从我的休息时间起床。我能在我的书,完成几章。

2:15- 我运行烘干机让皱纹出来的衣服,我把在烘干机四小时了的。

2:21– Gunnar is back. It took him a while but it turns out he went to the bank, gas station, and then to the grocery store.


2:37– An afternoon email check which consists mostly of updates from the kids’ teachers.

2:40- 我每天散步格雷格。有一些天凡移动我的身体我觉得疼痛或疲劳或者做的最后一件事,但格雷格和我已经开始每天步行。有时,它只是各地块,但如果温度为20至85度之间,我们会走。

3:00– We’re back from our walk and I finally fold and put away our clothes.

3:10- 我参加格雷格户外的庭院,他啜饮波旁酒一杯。他与伊甸园和贡纳尔聊起要去阿什维尔,NC的可能性(我们自己的房子里,我William Hill体育们是在重塑/固定的过程中)很快。现在,学校是电子学习为今年余下时间,我们可以借此机会去阿什维尔工作房子。

3:20- 我的父母发了条在检查和送一招的视频,他们教他们的小狗。他们住在阿什维尔,这是另一个原因,我们很想去,才能够签入他们,掉落杂货等。

3:30– I come inside to grab a snack and make my afternoon coffee, iced this time. Stone has emerged from the basement where he has been playing Minecraft with a friend. He decorates his cake with store-bought marshmallow fluff icing and rainbow sprinkles. Gunnar and Tygar warm up pizza-ronis in the toaster oven.

3:40– Now the house smells like salsa-cake-pizza. Still a comforting smell? Maybe.

3:43– “Alexa, play ’80s music.”

3:50– A final work email check before I close my computer for the day. I respond to the two new ones that came in and leave a Slack message for help with one. A final check of Tsh’s email, nothing urgent.

4:05– Eden, Stone, and myself learn how to play a game calledKing’s Corner。We normally play Rummy or Gin Rummy but we have been trying to learn some new-to-us card games.

4:47– The salsa chicken is done. I shred it using two forks and keep it in the crock-pot to stay warm until dinner.

4:54– I receive a group text message from a daughter of one of my dear friends who’s planning a video montage as a surprise for her mom’s 60th birthday in a few weeks. She’s asking for us to send in a 30-second video clip wishing her a Happy Birthday.

5:35– Dinner is ready. We serve the salsa chicken with a bunch of fixings and wrap them in corn tortillas or serve it over rice.

5:36——这很少发生,但格雷格必须工作calls with some clients because of the crazy markets today. His computer is in the front room which is connected to our dining room so the rest of us eat dinner in silence. I guess we could have moved to a different part of the house to eat dinner so we wouldn’t disturb him, but no one mentioned it. We just enjoyed our dinner and listened to him problem-solve with his clients.

6:04– We clean up after dinner and I see a Slack message pop on my iPhone up for a job I need to do for tomorrow’spodcast.Just a quick copy and paste with a few edits of the transcript.

6:20– Greg is still on work calls which I know he hates. He doesn’t like to bring his work home with him but today was an unusual (and historic!) day so there was no getting around this. The rest of us have scattered around the house doing our own thing.

I decide to take a shower. It has been a few days…

7:00– Greg’s calls are finished so we gather in the living room to watch an episode of被选中的

7:25– When we switched off被选中的, the TV channel was playing美国法警with Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes and Robert Downey, Jr. so we started watching it. It was halfway through the movie but we couldn’t stop watching. The kids were shocked at how young Iron Man looked.

8:10– Because Greg and I wake up early, we usually go to bed early. We say good night to the kids.

8:20- 格雷格和我一起祈祷,然后互相亲吻道晚安。我看我的书的一点点在我的眼睛变得太重,昏昏睡去与莎莎蛋糕,比萨饼,空气中的淡淡的香味。这肯定安慰。



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